Taking a Break

This week, I am taking some time off to celebrate my husband’s birthday with a vacation. As you read this, I am probably stuffing my face with food because we are on a cruise! I am really excited about taking some time to just relax and spend time with Jeff. And (hopefully) I’ll be getting away from the computer a little as well.

But while I am away, you won’t notice much of a difference around here. I still have posts scheduled everyday (probably limited to two per day as opposed to the usual four or five), but I will be skipping the daily favorites column this week. So if you’d like to see the DF’s each day, you can visit the exhibition site.

*image via Anna Dykema

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Thanks everyone. I had a wonderful time!


How exciting! a cruise! Enjoy your R&R 🙂 And happy birthday to your hubbie!

Tali Schiffer

that’s so fantastic brittni! i hope you have the funnest time. it’s so important to take time away sometimes to be with the ones we love. xo.

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Hello Brittni!

I wish both you and your husband a very nice trip!
(And a verrrry “Happy Birthday” to him!!)

It’s good to get out once in a while,
and I bet you’ll come back rested and well
and with tons of new ideas, inspired by your little getaway!

pilli pilli

pilli pilli

have fun! 🙂


Have fun!!!! It must be a delight to be on a cruise! Let us know how it was later!!! Hugs and happy b-day to your husband!! Twiggs

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