Tastes Orangey Sewn Prints Giveaway: Winner’s Choice $100 Value

You may remember the work of Clare Elsaesser from this post I wrote a while back. Clare’s shop, Tastes Orangey, is filled with beautiful prints and originals just like these. And today I cannot even believe the amazing giveaway we have you! Prizes worth a total of $100 retail!

Two very lucky winner’s will each receive sewn prints from Clare’s shop. The first prize winner will receive 3 sewn prints of their choice. And the second prize winner will receive 2 sewn prints of their choice. Pretty amazing, right? I wish I could enter this giveaway!

This time there are four ways to play and you can enter up to three times. Here are the ways to play. Each entry should be a separate comment…

1. Visit the Tastes Orangey shop. Browse Clare’s sewn prints and report back here (in the comments section) with the title of your absolute favorite(s).

2. Subscribe to the papernstitch blog by clicking here and then leave a message in the comments that says “subscribed”. **Ill know if you really did or did not subscribe, so lets play fair.

3. Twitter, facebook, or blog about this giveaway and leave a link in the comments.

4. Answer this question in the comments: What role has art played in your life thus far?

**Giveaway will end on October 19th at 11:59 pm eastern time.**

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And finally:

Art is my escape from the left-brained world I function in most hours of the day. I’m a research assistant and will hopefully be accepted to a PhD program this coming spring to study in the area of environmental chemistry.

My full-time job for the forseeable future involves calculations and precision and experimental procedures (which don’t get me wrong – I friggin’ love it!) so art and crafting is my way to let my left brain take a back seat for a while and let my right brain stretch its legs. It keeps me well-rounded and my brain in constant motion so I don’t get bored or stuck in repetition.


Just put up a blog post about the giveaway here:



I subscribed!


I love all the prints that involve bedding – But this one speaks to me: It’s how I feel EVERY time I have to wake up in the morning …



One favorite? how about 4.
Jump, So cozy, Shadows, To the clouds.
I love them so so much.
Art has made a huge impact on me throughout my life. For as long as i can remember I have been sewing, knitting, crocheting, photographing, coloring, painting, drawing, you name it. I am now attending an art college in Boston to pursue my dream as an illustrator. I also hope to become a child and family photographer after college. Through every struggle in my life, art has always been my fallback. After my brother passed away, art is what kept me going, I just pushed through it by focusing every bit of my energy on my art and creative process. I just love lovellove the simplicity and beauty in Clare Elsaesser’s work, especially the sewn pieces.

Becca C.

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Tastes Orangey Sewn Print Giveaway! « What. No Mints?

Art plays a HUGE role in my life. Not only do I paint, draw, photograph (and also graduated college with an art degree), but I also own and run a custom framing shop. I come in contact with fabulous art everyday!

And if Art didn’t already consume my life enough, I’ve also taught my three ponies how to paint, and my dachshund makes world famous scratch art.

I can’t imagine my life without art!



Gotta love the burro….he’s so cute!


My favorite is Sinister Tabby, looks like my late great cat Yuri. 🙂


My favorite has to be ‘Favorite Skivvies!… yay!


Oooh, I love Chalk Circle, Blanket Monster, and Kitteh.


Oh, I am so in love with tastes Orangey’s work! I can’t possibly pick one favorite. I love fall and hidden.


art has always been a part of my life, mostly thanks to my mom and to great art departments in the public schools i attended. my only regret is not pursuing art as a career early on.
now i’m finding myself immersed in art on a regular basis and love sharing everything and anything creative with my 4 year old son.

alexandra keller

My Dad is an artist and as kids, our vacations would revolve around art shows. I look at art in a different way that most buyers do (at least I think I do). Creating my own art has given me greater respect for artists, it also gives me that important time to myself, away from my kids and life. Without it, I would be lost. It is part of me. It is my life.

Carrie G

i subscribe to your blog – but of course!

alexandra keller

woo hoo!
i love these as a set: pool, jump and spring tide.
but i also love Otis, because he looks like our Bandit 🙂

alexandra keller


Carrie G

Llama Love is adorable for a kids room, or my studio. I also really enjoy Jump.

Great giveaway…found you on Twitter.

Carrie G

I subscribe!


My favorite is Golden Cactus!

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