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It has been really cold here (for Florida anyway) for the last week or so. And I’ve been keeping warm with a daily cup of tea. Yum! If anyone has any tea recommendations, I would love to hear them. Right now my favorite is green tea tropical from Mighty Leaf.

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mmm, i love tea! my favorites are vanilla chai by bigelowe with a little bit of soy mild and truvia or peppermint tea by celestial seasonings. celestial seasonings has really lovely teas-they are natural and very yummy. its my favorite brand other than growing my own 🙂


Hi! Where in FL are you? I’m in Orlando and as I type this, I’m enjoying a nice cup of English breakfast tea with milk and sugar 🙂


I love PG Tips Black Tea. 🙂

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I am loving the Algonquin Tea Company’s tea. They harvest it by hand ethically and sustainably, choosing herbs that are indigenous to the area (so can only be retrieved by canoe!). Using blends past down by the Native communities, the teas are functional, and delicious: Lucid Dreaming Tea, Peace Tea, Awakening Tea, Homestead Tea… The artwork on the boxes is also really fabulous, too.

Certified organic, packaged in bleach-free tea bags, in 100% recycled packaging.

I am sure I missed some of the details – their website is algonquintea.com. Love-love-love them!

(also, loving paper n stitch!! It is a recent find for me; I am glad I did!)


If you like fruitier black teas, then you might like the Paris blend of Harney and Sons. That’s my favorite right now!


p.s. I am living down here in Florida, too, and recently ordered some online. I gave them a call and let them know they needed to find some local retailers. They are working on it now. Meantime, their online shopping works well to the U.S. — I didn’t have any problems.


I am excited to try everyone’s suggestions. Thank you! And Nancy. Yum, I love English Breakfast tea as well. I live in Jacksonville.


I love Organic India’s Jasmine Tulsi Tea. It is soooo relaxing! I found it at Whole Foods, but I’ve seen it at my little local health food store too. Stash’s Teas of India line also has a wonderful Assam tea!

Emily Weiner

English breakfast always fixes me right up. With milk! Yum…..

Rebecca Hanley

I love any tea from The Tea Guys. So good!!

Rachel B

I love the vanilla bean black tea from Mighty Leaf. Add a little bit of vanilla soy milk and you’re good to go. Mmmmm…


I too love my tea. I start each day with a big mug of green tea. 2 bags of tea a touch of half & half cream and brown sugar. YUM!! My little indulgence to start my day.

Thanks for the tips.

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I recommend anything by the brand Yogi, its simply delicious.


i’m so weird, brittni! i can’t stand tea… i want to like it but i just can’t. however – i LOVE that photo!


Oh yes Lexy, Yogi tea is super good. And Tara, I love that photo too. Colin’s work is awesome!


Looove Tazo teas, particularly the green tea with lemon grass and spearmint, with a big spoon of local honey. I’m going to make some right now! 🙂


I live in FL too :O) My favorite tea is Aveda’s “Comforting Tea”, a bit of a splurge for me but so worth it. It is an infusion of licorice root and peppermint. A perfect combo and naturally sweet.


love the shot! cocoa spice by yogi


mmmm tea, for years my favorite is Tazo, Om. It’s a perfect blend of organic green and a touch of black with a hint of peach and cucumber (i thought that sounded just terrible-but it’s so slight of a hint). I’m always afraid they are going to discontinue it so I usually buy 3 packs at a time. happy new year.


I’m a huge tea drinker in this house and I can’t live without tea from Fortunes http://www.fortunescoffee.com/ My favorites are Blueberry Vanilla and Wild Cherry. I buy those by the bundles of 100 I just bought some Blackberry Blaze and its so yummy


My Sister bought me a tea leaf teapot for Christmas and some tea from a coffee company here in the UK called Pumphreys. I usually can’t live without Earl Grey but I’m really liking the Blue Lady Leaf Tea. It tastes a bit like breakfast tea, light and subtly fragrant with flowers-delicious.


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