Tees Please


1. Snip V Neck from Phippsart 2. Organic Tiny Town from Mary Ink

3. Umbrella British Brolly from Happy Family  4. Walrus and Lion Destroyed Tee from Retro Whale


Sometimes there is nothing better than jeans and a t-shirt. I love tees like everybody else, but I tend to be more drawn to t-shirts that have an image as opposed to a solid color. These are a couple of my favorites right now, with my fav fav being #4 from retro Whale! Retro Whale also makes cool mixed media paintings. Yeah!

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I really like these and would totally wear all of them! Great colors.

Brittany Noel

mmm, i am digging the *snip* tee, no. 1… very nice! :~)


I really like number 2 and 4!

Nancy D.
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