It’s Time to Tell Your Story

This contributor post was written by Genevieve of Lightbox SF.

When a new client comes to me I always start with their story. I ask them to tell me their story, tell me what makes them different, tell why I would buy their product over the competition. Most of them struggle; they dont have the words because they havent really given it much thought. And to the ones that can rattle off confident answers to my questions I usually say, “Why doesnt your website say all of that?”

Consumers want to find meaning; they want to know the why behind what theyre buying. It makes them feel like their making the right choice and it gives them a story to pass on. “I bought this handbag because the woman who made it is totally obsessed with vintage and every piece of fabric she uses is at least 20 years old.”

Look at the way you communicate with your customers, via your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website. Are telling your story? Do you share why you make what you do? Have you ever written about your process? Dont be afraid to say what makes you different from your competition and if you solve a problem make sure thats clear.

The obvious way to communicate your story is in your about page. Leading with a point of reflection or aha moment is a great way to bring customers in. They can relate to a struggle that lead you to design the “perfect” messenger bag for a more girly girl. Rewrite your about statement to include an aha moment and what really makes you different from the competition.

Your blog is also a great way to engage and connect with your fans. Post pictures of your process, talk about finding inspiration, tell us your backstory. Depending on how often you post make sure to work in one more personal or behind the scenes post every week or month. Some of you may have really personal blogs already, but are you sharing the things that set you apart or are you just sharing your life? There is a difference.

Your Twitter and Facebook posts are also a great way to tell more of your story. Post pictures of things that inspire you. Share blog posts that are part of your research. Talk about the problem you solve and how you are a great solution. Dont be shy we really do want to know all of this.

What are some of your favorite crafters and designers that really share their story?

photo by Tascha

Genevieve Robertson writes about creative marketing strategies over at Lightbox SF. She helps makers, artists, and crafters brand their businesses by telling their stories and embracing what makes them unique.

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Thanks Genevieve and Brittni! I hope it goes well. Now on to trying to find folks to tell their stories…I know they are out there! ­čÖé

Brianna Land

wow. that sounds amazing briana. i agree with genevieve on this one. take care!



That’s such a help to the artists you work with. I applaud you for taking the initiative to get them sharing. They will certainly thank you for it later.



Think of it this way, as much as you want to hear others stories, they want to hear yours. We all like to connect and relate, especially when we’re handing over money.


It’s so funny to read this today! I am working on a project where I am putting these stories together, highlighting their value, and giving advice on how to use them. I decided to do this after opening a studio where artists consigned their work and finding out that they all had amazing stories to tell.

Brianna Land

very cool holly. let us know how it goes.


amazing suggestion, now that i think of it, i really don’t tell much of a story about myself, it’s more like i’m asking other people to tell me their story. i’m going to have to start taking this into consideration when posting on social media!

holly cromer
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