Texture in White


Images c/o Zelaya (found via Creativadoration)


Thanks to Janick of Creativadoration (and Neawear), I am now completely head over heels in love with Zelaya, a new shop that sells clothing, bags, and accessories. Everything in the Zelaya shop is simply beautiful. Side note: I am going to freak out if someone buys this purse before I can muster up the courage to spend that much money on a bag again.


Head over to the Zelaya shop. I promise you will love everything!

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i am in love with that bag!


These are so so beautiful! Don’t worry, I won’t buy that bag before you 🙂

Brittany Noel

these pieces are breathtaking – great find janick!


Oh yes- sooooooo nice! I’ll let you know if I buy it. 🙂


Tooooo nice right!? I want that bag too, soooo bad. But really, you’ll probably buy it before I can afford it lol 🙂

Janick - Nea
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