Thanks Uppercase!

Uppercase Magazine feature (issue 19)

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brittany of The House that Lars Built for UPPERCASE magazine – the blog beautiful feature for the most recent issue (Issue 19).

So the deal with the Blog Beautiful feature is that the person who was in the last issue, interviews the person for the next issue, and so on. Fun, right? Brittany’s blog was featured for Issue 18 and so she interviewed me for the Issue 19. And I’ll be interviewing (well, I already did actually) someone I know and love for the next issue, etc. Such a cool thing to be a part of. I really enjoyed it! AND I was so excited to be interviewed by someone that I know and admire… I mean haven you seen Brittany’s DIYs? They’re incredible (this one’s my absolute fav). 



And these are some other features in this issue that I’m loving…


1) The artwork of Carly Waito. *I’ve been a fan of hers since Christina wrote about Carly’s work in 2011.


2) The home of designer/ illustrators Tyler + Jessie Thiessen.

If you’re interested, you can pick up a copy of the mag right here and preview the issue via video flip through with publisher / editor / designer Janine Vangool.

P.S. Here are the links to the tutorials featured in the article: embossed geometric DIY party bags // fresh flower ring DIY // petal party confetti DIY.

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I’m a subscriber and was so happy to see you interviewed! I had no idea that the featured blogger interviews the next, that’s waaay cool. Congrats!!


That’s super neat! I love the idea of letting the featured blogger choose/interview the next feature. That’s a great way of doing things.


What?! That is so rad! Yay friend!

Chelsea C.

Thanks ladies!


Woo MZAZL TOV (=congrats) its look amazing!




Aw, thanks Van! Definitely check out Uppercase. It’s one of my favorite magazines.


Sorry if this is a double-post Britt, looks like the last comment didn’t go through. Congratulations on the feature! You’re well-curated blog is certainly worth of the write-up. Need to check out this magazine, too. 🙂


Thanks Kel. 🙂


Britt!!! This is so great! Congrats on such an awesome feature!

Kelly @ Studio DIY
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