The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Art with Social Media

Every artist needs to harness the power of social media to spread their message, brand themselves, and make sales. Social media puts this big world at your fingertips, so make sure you harness social media to its maximum potential.

This Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Art with Social Media has quick actions steps you can use to get started today.

1. No excuses, you make a blog right now.

Why it matters: Opportunities for Book deals, TV shows, International Recognition, and so much more have been made available through blogging alone.

I recommend starting with WordPress, Blogger, Typepad or Tumblr. Choose the one that’s a natural fit, you can always change later. The point is that you make your blog and start posting. Blogging is a powerful networking tool, so use it.

2. Comment Thoughtfully, Make a Real Conversation.

Why it matters: Interaction on your social media accounts helps your art’s message. It gives you Google bonus points and moves you up the search ranks, too.

No one commenting on your blog or interacting with you in social media? Just like in “real life,” when no one is talking to you, it’s up to you to go spark a conversation. If you read blogs avidly, leave comments with thoughtful opinions. Actively participate in the social networks you use by actually responding to others.

3. Twitter: Set Schedule, Make it Interactive.

Why it matters: Twitter is a powerful networking tool that can both help your art message go viral and help you forge one-on-one connections with peers.

After you make a Twitter account for your art (connected with your blog for best results) really use it! Respond to other people’s tweets and reply to artists you appreciate. Ask your followers questions and make it interactive.

4. Facebook: Make it, Use it.

Why it matters: Facebook is King in Social Media. If everyone is there, your art needs to be there too.

Make a Facebook fan page for your art. Update it when your art progress, showcase new products, and like with any of your other Social Media accounts, make real conversations.

The Secret Formula: Interaction

You’ll notice I’m stressing interaction in this post. That’s the key to using social media effectively. The more you earnestly interact in social media, the more successful you will be at marketing yourself and your art.

Vanessa wrote this post. She is a full time copywriter and webmarketer with a passion for art, creativity, and thrift. She writes about thrifting, creating, and saving money every weekday on her blog, Thrift Core.

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You’re right, and I’m part of the social media machine where I work! Funny, some companies spend thousands every year trying to curate a buzz that artists have created effortlessly through genuine networking and good content.

You’ve got the power of a huge marketing budget on your side when you take advantage of your social networks!


Hey Kasey, put all of your social media information everywhere where it’s possible and appropriate. Even if there’s no hyperlinking allowed, people can copy and paste the links into their browsers.


This is great, Vanessa.

Media companies now have people whose sole job is managing social media and using it for marketing and buzz. And thankfully, these days most of these things (twitter, facebook, blog platforms) are free to both big companies and freelance artists. It really gives us no excuse to remain in the dark!

Thanks for the post!


I have my Facebook page link and my Twitter name listed on my Shop Annoucement section. Are you saying to put it in my profile? I didn’t think we could actually put in a hyperlink for outside Etsy….or am I completely on the wrong track?

Thanks for your advice!


Hilary: Glad to help, get back to that blog and work it!


Kasey, I have some quick tips: I clicked your link and it your social networks are not on your Etsy shop. You should connect all your social networks.

Really interact and chat with other people with your social networks next, no more automatic soulless updates.

As for which blog platform to use, if Blogger is easier for you, go with that. Use what’s natural because it’s the content that matters, not your medium.


Social media is very intimidating for me for some reason…

I have a Facebook fan page that I post pictures and thoughts on, but the interaction from fans is close to zilch, which is very disappointing. I have a Twitter account, but I just link that to my Facebook page so it automatically pulls what I put on Facebook to broadcast on Twitter.

I’ve created a blog on WordPress and Blogger, but haven’t done anything with it yet. I’m completely overwhelmed. And which one should I use..WordPress or Blogger?


Great list of basics…and a much needed reminder to get back to my blog! Thank you!


Yes Natalie! I agree with Vanessa. Great way to put it- its a “big picture” mentality. Thanks for stopping by.


Natalie, perfect way of putting it. Creating success for yourself a slow process that you do in slow steps daily to see results. When your consistent and really making connections, it always pays off in the end.


for me, it’s also important to remember that it’s a process to network and promote, not an instant gratification that happens overnight. looking at the big picture and where my goals are for months down the road helps me keep it up when it comes to social networking. (i’m just hoping it’ll pay off someday…)

natalie g

Yes! Definitely jump on twitter Zee. You can drive people to your blog and shop from there. And chat with colleagues and customers. I love twitter!


Hi Zee.

I LOVE your blog, very fun, quirky, and full of your personal style and voice. Follow the tips in this post: Use twitter, comment on other blogs, and really converse with your fellow artists. I promise it will work!


this is really good advice. i’ve already worked on blogging to market my art but maybe i should consider twitter?

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