The Countdown Continues…

Due to my overwhelming excitement for the papernstitch site being live in just one day now, I am posting another shop preview. This one is a sneak peak of Paige Russell’s storefront, who has been featured on basically every popular design site you could possibly think of. And for good reason- her work is incredible! See for yourself: visit Paige’s website here.

And here’s another preview…from the APAK storefront. APAK is one of my favorite artists, well I shouldn’t say “one” since APAK is actually a husband and wife team. But, you know what I mean.

So who else do we have lined up for the first exhibition on the papernstitch site? Gosh…too many to name them all BUT to name a few: Robin Clare, Domestic Construction, Dutch Door Press, Papaver Vert, Anna Ruby King, Gemma Correll, Carolyn Alexander, Janice Jong, Parkersewn, Bklyn Pillow, and a whole lot more!

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