The Day of Red Velvet Cupcakes

If you know me personally, you already this fact that I am about to share. And if you don’t know me personally, you’re about to get to know me a little bit better…

I fucking love red velvet cupcakes like this kid loves coloring. I mean I really, really L-O-V-E them. And because they are red and pretty (and delicious), they make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Jeff and I picked one up (or four) over the weekend from the world’s best cupcake shop and I just can’t stop myself from devouring them in a really unattractive way.

What is your favorite (absolutely can’t live without) sweet treat?

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image:Β red velvet cupcake recipe from becoming lola

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I’ll take two please!


LOL! I’ve just discovered cake balls, and I could make myself sick on them…but…I’d have to say that double stuff oreos are hands-down my favorite sweet treat. As long as I have a nice cold glass of milk to go with them!


Cake balls? Yum! Oreos are a good choice too, although its been a while since I’ve had them (probably bc I can’t seem to eat less than 10 at any given time). Ha!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments Kathy and Meagan.


Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate… I fucking love chocolate… !!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

emma lamb

red velvet all the way! super cute cupcakes. happy v-day:)


Yeah! Shout it out Emma! And happy Valentine’s Day to you as well Becky.


brittni!!!! you are not helping my wasteline girl! didn’t you know that red velvets are my kryptonite lol? the simple mention of them makes my tummy go coo-coo for some πŸ™‚

i will have to make the sacrifice + bake some for hubby + i tonight. heck, it’s valentines… diets are off today πŸ™‚

btw did you know i have the best red velvet recipe in the planet? my best friend is a cupcake chef + she shared it with me. here it is:

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Haha. Sorry Mayi. I am not helping my own wasteline either if it makes you feel any better. πŸ™‚
Thanks for the link to that red velvet recipe. It looks delicious! Happy Valentine’s Day to you.


I just took my cupcakes out of the oven and will decorate with the children when they return from school. I have a feeling they’re not going to look as wonderful as yours but with a little luck, they’ll be yummy and tasty!

jacaranda Designs

I bet they will love them Jacaranda. How sweet!


I’m on a bit of a chocolate roll lately…so I get you!
Very unattractive indeed, but oh so yummy!

& happy V-day!

pilli pilli

I am a lover of all things sweet but if I had to narrow it down I’d say I dont think I could go without the Chocolove Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Sea Salt…it is AMAZING.

Alana Rivera

Hi Pilli! Yes- unattractive but oh so yummy. Sweet and salty = a very good combo Alana. Good call!


I know your craving. I understand it. I feel the same about strawberries. And especially sufganiot. Thank goodness they’re only available for 2 months of the year, I eat them by the bulk. I’m having a bowl of strawberries now.

Naomi Shiek

oh yeah! strawberries are amazing too naomi. how could i forget that i really love strawberries?


Oh my GAWD those look dee-licious!! I hardly had time to eat anything all day, and then I come here and I see those things of beauty. I must go get me a cupcake now.
But my favorite sweet treat would have to be shortbread cookies my mom makes. They’re decorated with cute sprinkles and nuts and I just devour them! I also really love love love cheesecake. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Brittni!! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are having a fun one. Thanks for posting all of the cute DIYs lately too. I must say, that good ‘ol chocolate chip cookies are my must-have sweet. I like slightly chewy cookies, loaded with chocolate chunks. Smitten Kitchen has my fav recipe for them here:



Hey Mai. Those cookies look delicious. Smitten Kitchen always have yumyum recipes.


Pie, Pie, Pie! Apple, Cherry, Berry, Banana Cream. I’d eat pie everyday if it was an acceptible thing to do.


Brownie Sundae Cheesecake and Apple Crisp! Ammenammenomnom! Happy Valentine’s Day

Hannah Moore

You all are making my mouth water with all these delicious treat suggestions… cheesecake, pie, brownies! It’s going to take me forever to exercise these extra pounds off.


Those cupcakes are adorable!

Having worked in a cupcake shop, I’m unfortunately now slightly worn out as far as red velvet is concerned. Right now, I’m really into cheesecake… my next endeavor is chocolate cheesecake!

Ice cream will ALWAYS be my favorite though.

Please Note

I also am a red velvet cup cake fanatic. My friend made them for me a couple of years ago, I had never had them before. My jeans size may have been different by now if she had not shamefully hooked me on this vice. They are so good.

Cal's mum

I’m a big pie fan as well but I have to say my go to sweet treat is rice krispy treats! Homemade of course. I can eat off half a batch easy.

Emily M

My husband made vegan red velvet cupcakes for our wedding. He’s an amazing baker & cupcakes are his specialty. These are the cutest!


Oh yes. Vegan Red Velvet cupcakes are so good because they aren’t as rich and heavy as the standard RVCs. We had red velvets at our wedding too Papercutworks (but my husband didn’t make ours). Bonus points for you. πŸ™‚


Yeah know I love red velvet cupcakes but I’ve never made them before! I really need to change that. They are always soo yummy! I love chocolate covered gummy bears! They are my fav!! =)

Happy belated V-day! =)

Melanie’s Randomness

Melanie's Randomness

The cursing is unprofessional and unattractive. I thought more highly of you Brittni. I still like you, but geez.


Maria. I tried to email you a response, but it seems this was sent anonymously, as the email address was returned as non-deliverable. All I can say is that I very, very rarely cuss on this blog and it was meant to be light-hearted and mimic the link in the post to the child coloring. If I upset you or anyone else, I am sorry for that, as that was not my intention. I am not, however, sorry that I wrote what I wrote in the post.

In any case, I will be addressing this subject of cussing on my blog in an upcoming video, since it seemed to strike up an interesting debate (as I received an email about this very same thing yesterday).



Hi Brittni-I love your cursing when appropriate, shout it out! I think the greatest thing about our handmade community is that we are allowed to really be ourselves. After all a blog is your personal space that you share with us all. Professionalism is great but so is exuberance! Your cupcakes look AMAZING, I hope you ate one (or two) for me: )

Jessika (Oh My Handmade)

πŸ™‚ Thank you Jessika. I couldn’t agree more with this >>”I think the greatest thing about our handmade community is that we are allowed to really be ourselves.”


first time here and just wanted to stop by to say Hi Everyone!

Sarah S

Hi, Brittni. Thanks for the response. Yes, I preferred to keep my email private. And sincere apologizes if I sounded mean or too judgmental in my delivery. Your personality is what makes PNS successful, and I don’t want any blogger to feel like they can’t be themselves. I like to enjoy the PNS blog after a long stressful day, so yes the cursing did catch me off guard maybe because the PNS brand is so sweet and warm and cute like a cupcake (pun intended) in my mind.

In closing, please continue to write great blog posts however you choose because you do have readers who like your topics and your creativity…even if we don’t like the cursing…


Thanks Brittni: ) I think it’s super dangerous for any blog or writer or artist to become their brand so strongly that they start hiding or censoring themselves. I love getting to know people through their blogs and especially when they let their hair down! It makes me, personally, feel like I am really seeing them- not just their online persona. And I think that is super cute!
Maybe you could offer a strike-through “clean” version for cleaner mouthed readers like Maria ala: ; )

Jessika (Oh My Handmade)

Hi Maria. Thank you for commenting again and clarifying your earlier comment. I do understand where you are coming from, and I think its important to mention that you are not the only one who has mentioned this to me (I received a private email from someone else as well).

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have even cussed in the post at all if I had realized it would be offensive to anyone. It just didn’t occur to me that it might be upsetting. BUT the positive thing from all of this is that it has sparked an amazing conversation here and especially on twitter (30+ responses from both sides via tweets), AND will now be a video topic as well. So, I think this was a good thing. And I hope that everyone here will continue reading this blog and each of you will also continue sharing your personal opinions, even if you don’t agree with me. I welcome that!



OMG those cupcakes look amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten red velvet anything! The one thing I can not live without is ice cream!! I only eat it once in a while bc otherwise i’d be the size of house but it is my absolute favorite thing in the world <3


Hi Jamie. I can’t believe you’ve never had red velvet. You really must try it. Its delicious.

And for those that are looking for a vegan recipe for rv cupcakes, my brother and his girlfriend recommend these:

I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, other than Cami Cakes (which truly has the BEST rvc’s I’ve ever tasted), vegan rvc’s are #2 in my book because they are not as heavy.



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Just watched your video on this post and had to see post.,,awesome and to the point. I want to declare ‘I f%^@#ing love poutine!’ Ha! Keep up the good work-love the blog!


I just can’t imagine how you could devour those cupcakes in a unattractive way. Maybe next time get a camera and video tape it, I’m sure people would gladly see you devour one of those.
I don’t know that name of my favourite sweet, but I know where to buy it (Ikea). It has some weird swedish name.

Alice Dunn
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