The Making of Glass Jewelry: A Mini Interview with Kristin of Evihan

I am always interested in learning more about crafts and artistry that’s outside of my comfort zone. And pretty much anything that has to do with making things out of glass falls under that outer comfort zone for me. So, I decided to ask Kristin of Evihan a few questions about her process of making items for her glass jewelry shop. Enjoy!

-In three sentences or less, how would you describe your work?

Both my shop and my designs have eclectic mix style…I can mix any color to any other…I can use vintage materials with new designs…Love to design unique pieces…Freedom Creates Originality

-How did you get into the glass medium initially? What do you like most about it?

While I was working with baby food company,I really was bored…I decided to spend my summer holiday in a Glass Furnace in Istanbul to learn beadmaking…as soon as I turned on the Bohemian Torch I knew it would become my full time job…melting the glass, mixing it…giving several shapes is just AMAZING.

-Where is your studio located?

My studio/shop is located in the historical part of Istanbul called CUKURCUMA…with lots of historical buildings from early 1900’s…with all Italian, Greek Arcitecture…lots of antique and vintage shops around my place…have 2 rooms…1 is for production 1 is for selling my and other designers designs…

-How many hours per week do you spend at your studio?

My shop is very close to my home (walking distance)… So I spend almost everyday 10 a.m. to 7 pm ….sometimes I close my doors to buy my supplies or visit my corner shops to replace with my new designs…

-What is your favorite thing to create for your shop?

I really enjoy with my glass faces…if customers bring or send me photo I can form to create a likeness of angels or other creatures.

Visit Evihan on Etsy now to view more of the collection.

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Yes she does! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Vadjutka.


I love Kristin’s style – she makes beautiful glasses!


I would love to take a glasswork class too Melissa. It looks like a lot of fun.


Wow!!! I think I just “Favorite-d” half of her Etsy shop. Thanks for the interview and for the link to great glasswork:) I would love to take a class on glasswork:)


Glad you enjoyed it Jamberrysong. Thanks for stopping by.


This is a fabulous interview! I loved the pictures, too. It felt like a sneak peek into a magical lifestyle. 🙂 Kudos to Kristin for making what she loves her livelihood!!


Lori, Glad you enjoyed my interview with Kristin. I’ve never tried any skills that involve a mini blow torch, but it sure looks fun. Thanks for stopping by.


wonderful interview! I’ve tried my hand at the torch before and have a whole new appreciation for the art. 🙂 Interviews with artists are always the best. Thank you.

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