The Mammoth Gift Guide

Earlier in the week Troy from THE MAMMOTH COLLECTION stopped by with his ultimate-mammoth-style-gift-guide. If you’re not familiar with MAMMOTH already, here’s the scoop…

Photographers and co-conspirators Ben and Troy wanted to create a site that would connect art lovers with artists. Their mission is to balance affordable and accessible art for everyone with supporting the people who create it. And they’ve been able to do just that by offering limited edition prints in multiple sizes (and price ranges) by some incredibly talented artists. Here are a few of the limited edition prints Ben and Troy carry in the shop…

photography by Wang Yuanling

artwork by Jason Fiske

photography by Kim Holtermand

Obviously, I am a big fan of what these two guys are doing and so I asked Troy to select a few of his favorites from Papernstitch for a gift guide. It’s always nice to get a different point of view on things and I really enjoyed what he put together. Here’s what Troy has to say about the 20 products he selected…

I wanted to offer you a glimpse into the world that is MAMMOTH through a curated selection of products from papernstich. The gift-guide you see here takes you into that world, past all the amazing art, over the mountaintop, through the studio, and into our lives.

Here are six of the 20 pieces Troy picked as a part of his papernstitch gift guide…

 To view all 20 products, visit the ultimate-mammoth-style-gift-guide now.

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Wow, exeptional photography. Many Thanks


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MAMMOTH + papernstich

So glad you enjoyed Troy’s picks Naomi. Thanks for stopping by!


What a lovely idea, switching the perspective that way. So interesting to see how Troy would curate Papersnitch. And now that shopping bug is starting to itch…

Naomi Bulger
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