The Merriweather Council

For almost a year now, I’ve been dreaming of an entire wall dedicated solely to embroidery hoops. And  if I ever get around to actually doing it, The Merriweather Council will be my first stop. The embroidery and patchwork you’ll find in Danielle’s shop is Awesome, with a capital A. Especially the hoops from the Patchwork series.

Visit The Merriweather Council on etsy to view more from this series and others.

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Glad you all like Danielle’s work. 🙂


I was so excited to find these on papernstitch – love Danielle’s things!


stunning little pieces of art

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

What a clever idea to have a collection of embroidery hoops!

Freshly Found

These are absolutely gorgeous!! I can see why you’d want a wall of them. I’m so eager to do the same now. I love their color and the different patchwork lines. I’m so happy I found your blog because I love finding people who support other artists.

Studio MME

That’s awesome Pilli. Thanks for sharing. We are birds of a feather. And you are welcome Danielle. My pleasure, of course!


Thank you so much for featuring my hoops! I love what pilli pilli said about them being Happy Hoops! 🙂 Thank you!

Danielle from The Merriweather Council

Oh my! I have the same dream!
F. and I just recently moved, and when we started decoarating the house (which is still very much an ongoing process…), we decided to keep an entire wall in the living room for hoops! Mine are all going to be on a cream coloured linen base, though, to create just only a little contrast on the white wall…

But I must admit these hoops by The Merriweather Council are tempting my colour loving heart as well! They’re such verrrry happy hoops!

pilli pilli

I adore the wishbone hoops, myself!

Faith from OrdinaryMommy
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