The Multi-Talented Anna Ruby King

1. Birds in Line by Anna Ruby King 2. Nesting Material by Anna Ruby King 3. Bitten Grey by Anna Ruby King

When I received an email from Anna Ruby King a couple of weeks ago, I was taken aback by not one but two of her shops. The one I am featuring today is the Anna Ruby King shop that features her artwork and cards. Her other shop, Lila Ruby King, is a jewelry shop, and because I love her jewelry designs as well, I will be featuring them in another post sometime next week. So, look out for that one.

4. Pigeon Study 2 by Anna Ruby King 5. Pigeon Study 1 by Anna Ruby King

As you can see, Anna’s work is inspired by various aspects of nature. Whether it be birds, horses, or feathers, it is obvious that this artist excels regardless of subject matter or style. For more from Anna Ruby King, click here. And don’t forget to check out the post next week about Anna’s jewelry line.

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