The New Exhibition is Here!

Hiya and happy Monday to you! I’m so pumped up this morning I almost didn’t need my morning cup of tea.

Why? Because it’s the first day of the new exhibition. And I swear, it never gets old for me. I am just as excited every time. And I hope you’ll feel the same way I do about the new round of talented exhibitors.

Head on over when you get a chance and share the love with the buttons below this post if you like what you see.

And on another note… I am cringing as I write this, but unfortunately, for reasons completely out of my control, you may have noticed the new blog design is not quite up yet. I’ll spare you the details, but just know that Jeff and I are busting our tails to get the new version of the blog up as soon as possible. I’ll keep you posted.

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Hi Brittni

The exhibition looks fantastic and it’s so great we can be a part of it especially from so far away as New Zealnd. Thanks


My pleasure to have you on the site, as always, Marietta.


Beautiful collection, thank you Brittni for including my work! I love your new blog!


Thanks Cari-Jane. Yeah, I am feelin’ it right now. But it will be fine once we get everything straightened out. 🙂


Beautiful collage! Off to revel in the lovelyness that is the new exhibition. Hope the new blog doesn’t give you too many headaches (you might need a cup a tea for that one)

cari-jane hakes

Great deal Allison. I’ll be sure to spread the word.


Thanks Brittni – I am excited too at all th eloveliness in which I find my shop – I am off to explore but want to tell all PNS followers that they will Get 15% off just because you are a Papernstitch follower! Just type in ARTFUL (if you decide you want to have one of my artworks) at the checkout box when you view my item in my Etsy shop. It will take off the 15% for you and is valid until 3rd June!

Alison Fennell
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