The Photographs of Summer

Goodness- I’ve really had summer on my brain a lot lately! Already this week I’ve written two summer themed articles (for other sites which will be up soon), and its only Tuesday. I just cannot shake the excitement of summer sunshine, hot air balloons, and picnics from my system.

But anyway, I want to get down to business and talk about photographer Irene Suchocki of isphotography. Irene is blowing my mind right now with her photographs of everyday beauty. And actually, they feel quite summery to me, which (of course) makes ’em even better.

Visit Irene Suchocki’s portfolio site to view more of Irene’s photos and to shop available prints, visit isphotography.

And by the way, are you feeling summer fever too or is it just me?

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Love these photos! After recently settling in NJ, today I’ve settled on a Starbucks in Hoboken… walking down the streets you see old brownstones and some almost san fran looking buildings. right along the water you can see the empire state building across the way.

its a great ‘office space’ and i’m glad i found it today. these photos reminded me of it. nice easy breezy summer!


totally drooling over these….gosh


I love these! I also am incredibly excited that summer is here!

Hi Brittni!!

Please Note

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs, I’m going to check out Irene’s site. And I love the summer theme. It’s winter in Australia and the heat is out so I have the stove hot plates on to keep warm. Lovely to see this mellow, sunshiney collection.

Naomi Bulger

I’m big fan of Irene! Love love love them all 🙂
Nice to see here…


Yes! That’s the perfect way to say it Becky. Thanks for stopping by.


beautiful photos…they take me away….

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