The photography of Laura Evans

One of the things that I like most about Laura Evans’ photography is the way she often limits the viewer’s point of view with her compositions. When I look at Laura’s photos I am intrigued: always wondering what lies just outside of the frame. And I think its that kind of intrigue that keeps an audience engaged (at least for me anyway).

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

Visit Laura Evans at her photography shop, Love. Laugh. Believe.

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Hi Tali! I think I might just dare to say that as well (about spotting Laura’s work). Of course, you know her photographs way more intimately than I do, with your amazing You See, I See project. How is that going by the way? I always check in there every once in a while.

And Meg. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on the blog. Always appreciated!


These photos are gorgeous! Really amazing colors…


Laura is so talented! Her photos truly have a unique look to them, and I can proudly say I can spot a Laura Evans when I see one!

Tali Schiffer

Yeah, her color palette is gorgeous isn’t it Annamaria? Actually reminds me of your palette a little as well…with some of your figure drawings and paintings.


Love the serenity of the colour palette!Beautiful work.:)

annamaria potamiti

Me too Kristin. And Laura, as always, you are most welcome. It is a truly a delight to be able to feature your photographs. Every time I visit your shop, you have new pieces for me to drool over.


thanks so much chica … i love hearing other peoples thoughts & perspective of my work. & as usual i appreciate the time taking to take care of your sellers. xx

laura Evans

I like the colours…

Kristin Mishra
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