The Power of The Yes

the power of yes (small biz tips)

This contributor post was written by Tiffany Han.

There’s a lot of talk in the business world of saying no. How to establish boundaries. How to set limits on your time and commitments. How to stop being accountable to other people and start being accountable to yourself.

There is a place in the conversation for all of that (in a big way!) but today, I wanted to talk about the power of saying yes.

Saying yes can do transformative things for your business, pulling you out of your comfort zone and pushing you toward something bigger than you’d normally do.

But, Tiffany, how in the world do I say yes to something that I don’t know how to do? Wouldn’t that be crazy? (Y’all KNOW I love the crazyfaith right?)

That’s the key – saying yes is what will make you figure everything else out. Especially if you’re someone who likes to drag her feet.

Let’s backtrack to the fall of 2011. I saw Brittni post on twitter that she was looking for new P&S contributors.

Oh, I thought, I love what Brittni is up to and would love to write for her.

But, while I had written a few guest posts for blogs, I’d never been a regular contributor. I considered myself a life coach who dabbled in helping people with their creative businesses. I’d never written a dedicated business coaching-type post.

And yet, in a moment of whim and crazy (those moments are usually the BIGGEST game-changers), I replied to her tweet and told her that my submission email would be over shortly.

I said yes. And then I had an omg-what-have-I-done moment. But, because I didn’t want to be that flaky person on the internet who says she’s going to do things and then doesn’t (Don’t be that person.), I sent in my email. I followed the directions that Brittni had put forth (always do this. Always. If someone tells you exactly what they need, give it to them.) and sent the email.

And here I am.

This might sound really simple, because, honestly, it was.

There are opportunities to say yes every single day. Raising your hand, even if you doubt your credentials, can be a game-changer for your business. It all starts with the yes. And ends with you showing up.

The say yes challenge:

I challenge you to say yes to at least 3 things this month that you would normally just think, “Oh. That might be nice someday.” about. 3 things. And then report back here what happens.

You’ve SO got this. I promise.

Tiffany Han, CPCC is a life & business coach for highly-creative people who arent living the highly-creative lives they want. Just yet. With provocative questions & hard-edged encouragement, Tiffany helps skittish someday-ers become fiercely focused creators “” and proves that dreams do come true. But only when you demand it.

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Thanks! I need this idea to push myself to do things that I should have done long ago! I keep saying to myself that If not now, when? But that ‘s not working at all. So thankful that I came across this post.

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This post inspired me to recently say “yes!” to something I normally would have avoided. I wrote about it over on my blog at and I’d love for you to check it out.
Love much,


It’s like you are in my head this week!! I’m in!! I know my 3 things…
1. Yes to Tradeshow Bootcamp
2. Yes to 2 spring markets
3. Yes to the next exhibition on PNS


The Power of The Yes

nauli (@nauli)

Saying yes always brought us forward. Because even the experience of knowing, “this is too time consuming”, “we can’t make this for a fair hourly wage, yet affordable price” brings is forward many miles. We are more comfortable in charging what we are worth then.
And sometimes saying yes even leads to a new bestseller!


I love this post so much! I find myself trying not to be one of those “no-people” that I see who automatically think “no” to anything slightly out of their comfort zone. Saying “yes” can make us all more well-rounded, successful, and fun people! Thanks Tiffany!


Beautiful! I wrote a post about the power of yes on my site along the same lines. Indeed, ‘Yes’ is the key with the power to open doors to landscapes never imagined before. In joy!


Did you write this just for me!?!? It’s exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks!

Nicole Underwood

I have a new post up on @papernstitch this morning: The Power of the Yes. It’s a goodie!

Tiffany Han (@thetiffanyhan)

YAY! RT @notmerelyliving: I’m in! 3 things via @thetiffanyhan on @papernstitch

Tiffany Han (@thetiffanyhan)

Yay Meredith! Make sure you come back and let us know the results.


Excellent advice! I’m in! 3 things here I come!!


I’m in! 3 things via @thetiffanyhan on @papernstitch


I love it when this happens Gabrielle (the timing thing). You’ll never know whether your next move is brilliant or ‘damp squib’ until you go for it. This is your yes moment!


Ooh, this is spooky timing, I’m just pondering whether to go for something but so unsure whether to or not. If it works it could be brilliant on so many levels but I really have the fear that it could be a damp squib. Like the worry of organising a party and no-one turns up. Maybe this is my yes moment, eek!


Great post! I struggle w/this. “@papernstitch: The Power of The Yes: This contributor post written by Tiffany Han.â€

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