The Reading Nook

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most well-read person around. And I often prefer reading articles online to picking up a book. I know, I know, start sending the hate mail. But one thing I think we really need in our house right now is a reading nook. Could be just a chair in the corner with a little lamp. Or something bigger with a bookshelf… anything really.┬áMaybe it would inspire me to get off my laptop and read that ever growing stack of books on our shelf?

Where do you like to curl up and read?

Image Credit: Orange Reading Nook; Marden House; Wiltshire Property; Reading Room; Living Etc Geometric Pattern; Reading Corner; Michael Penney’s Home

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Beautiful reading nooks. I made a reading nook when we first moved into our home but the chair has become a bit of a dumping ground so it sadly, rarely gets used. Must remedy that!

the green gal

I read in my papasan chair! The Hubs calls it my “nest” and recently refreshed it with new cushions as a gift for our anniversary. Yay!


all of these pictures look so lovely. they make me want to buy furniture.


beautiful enterieurs!

I dont have a specific place in my home for reading – I like to read in bed :-)…and in cafes, but that is outdoors.


oh Brittni, I love the chair in the first pic… !

emma lamb

I’ve been wanting to create a reading nook in our apartment for a long, long time. These photos are inspiring, thanks!


Oh yes. Don’t you just love it Emma. It fits so nicely in that corner.

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