The Strangest Secret to Accomplishing Your Dreams

By Vanessa • Updated on 07/07/2021

There’s an inspirational recording from the fifties called “The Strangest Secret.” It’s old, yet remains relevant. I’ll cut the fat from it for you and reveal The Strangest Secret to success right now (though it’s a good listen, check it out if you can)!

The Strangest Secret to Accomplishing Your Dreams:

“We become what we think about.”

This means you must keep your dream on your thoughts at all times to succeed.

Action Step for Achieving Your Dream: Keep a card with your dream written on it in your pocket at all times. Check your “dream card” often if that’s what it takes to keep your dream on your mind. That’s it.

I know this sounds like intangible optimistic nonsense from a new-age guidance counselor, but this works! Let me tell you how it worked for me. I wrote a post on my blog about my Dream Shop, in it I painted a vivid picture of the Brick and Mortar shop I’d love to open. When I wrote that post my dream shop was a pipe dream, as impossible as high-fiving my hero, the autobot leader Optimus Prime. Now it’s a reality.

I talked to people about my dream, people read the post and resonated with it. Then I received both monetary and volunteer support to transform my shop from an ethereal fantasy to a brick and mortar reality! And it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t broadcast my dreams.

Write about your dreams, tell your friends and family, and evangelize about your passions. We are what we think about; think about your dreams and failure will be impossible.

Vanessa wrote this post. She is a full time copywriter and webmarketer with a passion for art, creativity, and thrift. She writes about thrifting, creating, and saving money every weekday on her blog, Thrift Core.

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The Strangest Secret to Accomplishing Your Dreams

Deborah Voizin (@dvoizin)

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Kristy: dream and gratitude journals sound like an amazing idea!


Vanessa, you are so write. I have heard this from the 50s before. But, the idea is not new to me. I been writing my dreams in journals for years and this year I added a gratitude journal. I’m happy to say, it works!

Kristy Life n Reflection

I love this post- it is so important that we all give ourselves permission to dream and permission to shout it from the roof tops.

In my nine to five jobs I come into contact with a lot of unemployed people, I always encourage them to talk to everyone they meet about the sort of job they would like, I have seen the benefits of this time and again- you eventually meet someone who knows someone who wants to employ that someone…. reading your post made me realise that I am not applying my own advice to my creative business, so todays cahllenge is to tell someone about my business dream!

Thank you!



Thank you for this post, I´m just about to start making my dream come true, I talk to people about it and they think it´s a great idea and that I ´m really good at it. So this day i´m staring in a new journey difficult but not impossile. Love making products with my hands, sew is one of them, cooking is another one and I´m getting good at it.

Love the phrase “We are what we think about” thank you again.


Vanessa, this is so true and the sooner you put it into action the more wonderful things you can accomplish in your life. I’m very goal oriented, and I can tell you that when something dominates your thoughts you can usually accomplish it. I finished college, have a great career, got my blonde, blue eyed babies, built my dream home, opened my antique booth, and lost 70 lbs…..all of these were dreams that I made goals and little by little they came true. Thanks for sharing the secret!


this is so dead on. and yes, i would have thought it was slightly mumbo jumbo-y but i don’t because i’ve had some experiences lately that involve thinking about what i actually want and now my life is…different…and better. i just have to get the old etsy shop hoppin and i’ll be one happy girl! *writes “get etsy shop hoppin” on index card.


The power of the mind and will is quite amazing, and your post reveals that amazing quality. I had the same experience, of verbalizing and telling people about my dream to be a jeweler and then one day, after much hard work and passion, I became that dream.

Lisette Fee

rad story! i really like the idea that we are what we think about…
i’ve noticed too that with a little more positive thinking i seem to be able to keep my dreams and ideas going!


Great post, Vanessa! Such a simple step toward realizing one’s dream, it would be crazy not to do it. Thank you!

Tammy Loves Dishes

I love this post! Thanks for sharing it. I am going to apply this to my own dreams of success.

Lisa @ Cents To Save

That’s great Kimberly! I agree with Vanessa- I’d love to read the post when its up. So send us a link if you think about it.


Do it, Kim! Share it with us when it’s up.


This really touched me! Very inspirational and I think I’m going to plan a lengthy post on my blog about my dreams! 🙂


Love this! Put it out there in the universe and see what happens. Why not?

Brad Waters
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