Meet Gertie & Franz


This weekend was a busy one – filled with hot dogs, long naps, and cuddly kittens.

Oh, yes! KITTENS.

Jeff and I adopted two tiny kitties on Saturday – polydactyl siblings, one boy and one girl. We named them Franz and Gertie. And they are oh-so-cute. It’s been fun getting to know their individual personalities, over the last couple of days, and chasing them around the house (and getting their little claws unstuck from blankets).

It was tough to pull myself away from their chubby paws this morning to get back to work, especially after the long weekend. But I managed. And I even have a few photos to share…




More photos to come on my Instagram. Lots of photos, I’m sure. I’ll try not to let it get to crazy-cat-lady status though. I promise.

P.S. If you live in the Jacksonville area, I highly recommend checking out Friends of Jacksonville Animals. They work with Animal Care and Protective Services to help thousands of homeless pets find permanent, loving homes.

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Yeah! I’m totally loving calicos now…and learning tons of stuff about them…like the fact that calicos are almost always female. I had no idea. Anyway, hope you have a good weekend Van!


Aw, calico is my favorite cat pattern. These two are beautiful! Enjoy ’em while they’re little, they grow so fast!


oh my goodness, what sweeties! love that last photo.

Down and Out Chic

Haha! Yes!


(I don’t know if there is a better way to reply to your reply, so this will have to do, haha)…

I love the polys’ feet! They are just so interesting to look at and play with, haha. So big and yes, definitely like mittens!

Julie Kuberski

Aw, thanks Kelly. I wish I would have been able to get better ones, but they are constantly moving so it was hard to get them in a still pose for longer than a couple of seconds.


Absolutely precious, beautiful photos as well 🙂

//Birdie Shoots//

Kelly (@Birdieshoots)

Thanks ladies. I have to admit, they are pretty cute!


AH! Look at the little kittens! SO cute.

Alex from

Alexandra Pettinato

Ahh Franz and Gertie are the cutest, makes me want a kitten so bad!

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