This Week’s DIY Round-Up

1. Covered Paint Can from Design Sponge 2. Popcorn Balls from Craft:

I am really looking forward to Halloween this year, so out of this handful of DIY projects, number 2 is my favorite of the favorites. I adore popcorn balls but get sad when Halloween is over because you can never find them in stores after that. Now that I have found this tutorial, I will never be without them again!

3. Newspaper Yarn from Craft Stylish 4. Lace Vase from Snippet and Ink

And check out that vase cover (number 4) from Snippet and Ink. Quite nice.

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I think the safety of storing food in a used (or unused, for that matter) paint can is extremely questionable!

DO NOT use a paint can that *ever* had paint in it to store food items! This will more than likely leach harmful chemicals found in used paint cans into your food! You cannot ever clean a paint can well enough. Just as an aside, used paint cans are classified as a HAZARDOUS WASTE in the United States. Legally, businesses *cannot* throw them away and must managed them as hazardous waste through the proper channels.

If you do decide to use an *unused* paint can for this project, I still would not recommend storing food in it. Many of these cans are made from metals that, if consumed, may be harmful to your health. These metals can and more-than-likely will leach into the food that you store in these cans and will adversely effect your health.

Otherwise, great idea for storing non-food items 🙂

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