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Clocks from CB2


I have always thought that a person’s clock(s) says a lot about that person’s individual style. Okay, yes- its for telling time, but surely there is more to it than a single utilitarian purpose, isn’t there?


For example, one of the clock’s above from CB2 might be a good fit for a designer who appreciates things that are clean and graphic. A cuckoo clock might be found in the home of someone who has a sense of humor and a vintage style. Or a grandfather clock might say, “I’m traditional” about its owner. But whatever you taste may be, you are sure to find something you love in this clock round-up.


1. Nelson Elephant Zoo Clock 2. Mini Horse Wall Hanging Clock 3. Mini Teapot Wall Hanging Clock 


Bold color choices and whimsical imagery make these playful finds perfect for kids and kids at heart. That elephant clock is so neat. I love the texture and the bright white numbers pop against the deep purple.

psclocks14. Spot Wall Clock 5. Birdhouse Cuckoo Clock 6. Riki Desk Clock 7. Peep Clock


Clean and simple lines look great with any style. But these clocks feel pretty modern to me. This section was hard to narrow down to just four. I found so many well-designed clocks in my search. So, if none of these fit your fancy, you may want to click here or here for more stylin’ clocks like the ones above.

psclocks28. Neon Clock 9. Doily Clock 10. Vintage GE Atomic Wall Clock


And last but not least: vintage style. Only one of these three clocks is actually a vintage piece (#10), but the shape and colors of the other two have a retro vibe as well.If you’re looking to spice up a drab room, one of these clocks would be the way to go.

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Another Excellent blog post, I will bookmark this in my Diigo account. Have a great evening.

Tameika Swiatkowski

The new George Nelson ball clock by vitra is pretty cool too…check it.





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Cookoo Clocks

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?


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Cleaning A Cuckoo Clock

That green vintage clock is so groovy. Nice post!


I love the elephant and teapot clocks! The teapot is especially cute. Great round up! I need a clock.

Brittany Noel
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