Time Management for the Busy Creative

By Tiffany • Updated on 07/06/2021

This contributor post was written by Tiffany Moore.

The holidays are here (whether we’re ready or not!) and, for many of you, now is that time that it all happens at once: holiday gatherings, family, extra shopping. Additionally, if you have a creative business, this is likely you’re busiest season.

Here are my tips for staying sane this holiday season AND for getting the really important things done:

  • Say no to social media: I learned this trick from the lovely Erin Loechner — Social media sites like twitter and facebook should be used to connect and promote. That’s it. Having a hard time saying no? Try putting limits on your social media time: start with 15 minutes twice a day, and see how much else you are actually able to get done. Bonus: you might just surprise yourself with how little you miss.
  • Do as much as possible as early as possible: Are you already dreading addressing your holiday cards? Make life as easy as possible for yourself by printing address labels NOW. Who cares that your cards aren’t ready? Once you get them picked out and back home, getting them into the mail will be easy peasy!
  • Follow the flow of easy: Think you have to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people and entertain the kids and host your family all by yourself? Let people help you! I repeat: LET PEOPLE HELP YOU! There are so many people in this world who are ready to love and support you…all you have to do is ask.
  • Learn to distinguish the good from the great: Now is not the time to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. An invite to a holiday party that sounds fun but that you aren’t feeling 100% about? You’ve got other plans. The chance to cook for the school’s annual bake sale when you’ve got etsy orders piling up? Sorry, but not this year. You can help in February. If you’re willing to commit to only saying yes to those things that really make you giddy, you’ll find that you’ll not only have more time to get your things done, but that you’ll also really love the things you say yes to.

Remember, during the holidays, time is just as valuable a resource as money and it’s up to you to spend it wisely. (Hint: you have a choice. You always have a choice)

*image via shannonblue photography: Christmas Candy Cane

Tiffany Moore, co-founder of Teahouse Studio is an artist, life coach, change agent and magic maker. She helps creatives live their happiest, most sparkly lives (starting NOW) and thinks that everyone in the world is beautiful, including you.

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I love the last one. Prioritize and only invest your time on something your feel 100% about!

Alice Jensen

great tips! i’m horrible at time management and need to keep these at my fingertips!

Jen @ A Touch of Lovely

Great post. It’s so hard to break a habit, but must be done. Your post reminds me of a course I took years ago called: “Unplug the Christmas Machine”.

judy johnson

Thank You. I needed this. I’m saying no. Not now. Sorry, can’t…

cinzia allocca
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