Tiny Paintings to Melt your Winter Heart (Oh Chalet)

One of my professors in college said something to me on my first day of class that I still remember today. She said, “In reference to scale, if it’s not tiny, tiny or huge, HUGE it’s not important.

Now, I am sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t agree with what she said, and honestly I happen to love medium-sized paintings because they are perfect for our house, but I know what she meant.

If you want the viewer to have to “do something” immediately, scale is a good way to evoke that in a person. Whether they have to go up to a drawing and almost put their nose to it to see what it is, or step back so far from the piece they are practically in another room to get the full scope, both require interaction from the viewer. So I like that rule of thumb.

And towards the realm of tiny, tiny are these micro-mini paintings from Caroline of Oh Chalet. Many of the pieces in her shop at the moment revolve around winter themes, and they are so cute. I mean how can you not love a painting with a fox in it?

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And after you’ve browsed her work, I am curious to know your thoughts on what my professor said to me those years ago. Agree / Disagree?

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Super cute! http://t.co/uPKF5CQY

shrdnfld (@shrdnfld)

love these and the small scale. Thanks for sharing!!


Tiny is always amazing and cute. There’s an artist local to me who does tiny, 1/4-1/2 the size of a postage stamp, water colors that she puts on necklaces. They are framed and everything. And are amazing and exquisite.

Andi Luther-Philippe

That’s an interesting point about some of the large scales works out there Patti. I think both huge and small pieces can be difficult to master, but when they work, they WORK. Right? Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

I have quite a few large pieces in storage right now from college too Brandi. You are not alone on that one!



I love Caroline’s work….perfect for the intimate scale. I’m a fan of small work myself….partly for intimacy sake….in the making and in the viewing. I like my experiences of art to be private in a sense and small work requires that I get close and it’s very one-on-one intimate experience. I find that there is a lot of artwork that is big (HUGE!) just to be big and really it doesn’t work very well and would be much better at a smaller scale. Size does matter…..big isn’t always better!!! Great post!

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

These are just too cute! And little foxes too! Foxes are definitley going to be the woodland animal for 2012…move over owls!x


I love these. Not only are they adorable in size, but in subject- tiny foxes! I’ll definitely check out more of her work.


Your work is so lovely! My professors were totally – if it isn’t HUGE dont bother. I love small paintings though. Not only are they generally more reasonably priced but they are also awesome to store (from the artists perspective). I have several 30″ x40″ that I painted in college still down the basement taking up serious real estate.

Anyway – beautiful tiny work!


Keeping It Indie

those paintings are so cute! i love the last one.
about your professor, i kind of agree. people seem to react more to things that are either very small or huge. it’s hardly the same reaction when something is medium sized.

lily sol
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