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I loooove it!! I want one…not for a baby but to hang on a porch. It’s so sweet =)


That is a great idea Stephanie!


HOLY MOLY!!!!!!! I think I’m in love…




Great blog and interesting ideas.
I’ll come some more :)).
Hugs from Europe.

Mädchen für alles

so whimsical! I currently have a mobile obsession (despite not having any children, haha:)).


Mobiles are one of my favorite design elements (I have a hot air balloon mobile that hangs in my kitchen). I see no need to hide them away in baby rooms, on a porch is a great idea, I think hanging in a stair well with high ceilings would also look awesome.


aww, that is too sweet! we could never find a mobile that we liked for my son and now i’m afraid he is getting a little too old to have one, but this would have been perfect!

holly anne
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