Too Cool for School


Geometry Jotter


Eek! The crazy cool school supplies from Present and Correct are making me want to go back to school! These math instrument notebooks would be great for jotting down notes at the office or keep one (or three) by the telephone as an address and phone book.


60s Rubber Book Belts


Keep your books (and paperwork) tidy with these bright and cheery (and rubbery) book belts from the 60s. Only Present and Correct could make me covet a book belt. I mean look at the styling- who could resist?


Vintage Set Square


And this bad boy is crafted from birch with a clean, white ruled edge and a hole to hang it from. I think a whole bunch of these would look great hung up in a grid on the wall. I just love the shape and the white against the woodgrain.

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I know!


So neat and tidy! Makes me feel organized just looking at it.

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