Transform your Bedroom with Colorful Bedding

One of the easiest ways to bring color to your bedroom is with bedding. Its fairly inexpensive, far less effort than painting, and caters to fit virtually any design style.

Take for example the image above. This layered rainbow of bedding brings focus and drama to a room that would otherwise be quite plain (albeit amazing). While the pink floral pattern below plays up the owner’s girlie side.

This patchwork floral quilt above might be best suited for more eclectic tastes. While classic color and texture take over in this glamourous bedroom below.

And how could I forget to mention Anthropologie’s newest bedding line that will transport your boudoir to a foreign land. Really fun patterns and great fabric combinations.
If I had to choose, I think I would prefer the bedding from the first room, since I am a sucker for layering. What kind of bedding girl are you?

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Oh, I love that last one with the chalkboard walls and the bright bedspread! Our bedroom is pretty simple – a lot of our furniture was my boyfriend’s before we moved into together (he’s 10 years older than me and I didn’t get to the point of having my own “grown-up” furniture before we lived together), so most of our house goes with his style – sort of Asian inspired meets mid-century modern. I’d love to have something as colorful as some of these though.

Mallory - Miss Malaprop

This is beautiful! The second and third photo are my favorite. Reaaaly love the white floor and the larges windows! Full of light!


Ohh but my absolute fave one is the only one not linked!! Dying over the mustard colored crochet throw in the third photo. Any idea who makes it…or one similar?


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droolworthy bedroom

this is has been my philosophy for a long long time … & now living in a rented house with white walls it’s the perfect way to bring colour into out bedroom.

laura Evans

oh im in love with the first one…but i would like to see more interior for small spaces on the internet… my bedroom there is space for the bed and thats it!


beautiful bedroms!My favourite is the first one as well.


Me too Mallory. Sounds like your boyfriend’s furniture is awesome. That style is right up my alley. Helena, thank you for your suggestion. I’d be happy to write more posts that incorporate smaller space ideas. I have a fairly small space myself, so that makes sense. Laura, yes- this would be great for renters especially. Good thinking! And Letitia, the image is linked that you are referring to, but unfortunately I don’t know where that crochet overthrow came from. Sorry. Anyone else have an idea?


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Love that first picture…


I love the patchwork floral quilt w/green pillow w/pure white background! also the last photos with the Anthropology bedding is awesome but I could not sleep in those rooms!


Truely inspiring ideas


love the second one ,it’s modern and special….


I absolutely love the first one. Does anyone know the bedding that was used? I cannot find it anywhere.


I love the pink floral pattern, it is a real focal point of the room. It reminds me of Pip Studio luxury bedding patterns

Lauren Faye
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