Tuesday Tea

3 for tea by shanongass

I love square formatted artwork. I typically only use squares for my own paintings, so that may be why I gravitate towards that shape. The only problem is, sometimes it can be hard to find to find square frames. Or if you find a square frame, you may not be able to find it in the size you need, considering there aren’t many standard sizes.

So, many artists have started getting creative with the way their work can be displayed. Like friend of papernstitch, Shanon Gass of My Fine Garden, for example. Shanon is now offering new layout/sizes for her photographs. You can find out all about it on Shanon’s blog.

I love extra weight at the bottom of an image- reminds me of my printmaking days. In the words of David Bazan, “It’s good to have options!”

Visit My Fine Garden to view more of Shanon’s work.

{image credit: Three for Tea by Shanon Gass}

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Hi Tumus. Wow- I had no idea. I just checked it out and I love what you chose for your last Tuesday Tea.


LOL this is a nice article. I write a blurb nearly every tuesday myself called Tuesday Tea, it’s quite catchy!



Ah yes, I remember the perils of square prints when I was in framing. And I agree: sometimes, you just gotta have a weighted bottom. I have one on a Warhol print, and it goes swimmingly with the modern image 🙂

Amanda Nicole
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