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Some of you may have already heard that Urban Outfitters has teamed up with The Impossible Project to support their mission to restart and reinvent instant film photography. In conjunction with the release of the special edition Polaroid film and camera kits, Gallery space at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles is hosting a month-long group show of Polaroid photography, which opens tonight from 7-9pm. If you are in the LA area, it sounds like it will be a fun night.

The original Polaroid instant photographs on view in Everything is Possible will reflect the unlimited possibilities of working with this unique format. The exhibition features work from: Ali bosworth, Andrew Post, Arthur Ou, brad Troemel, Charlie Engman, and many more. For more information about Everything is Possible: A Polaroid group Show, visit space15twenty.com.

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In addition to the exhibition, Urban Outfitters is introducing a special edition product launch for polaroid camera kits and film, that is scheduled to release today at various times across the world in select locations…

West Coast 10am

East Coast 1pm

London 6pm

And camera kits and film will be available online starting August 28th. Visit Urban Outfitters for more details.

{image credit: (top, l-r): Jackson Eaton, Ali Bosworth, wai lin Tse, lina Scheynius (bottom, l-r): hasisi Park, Nicole lesser, Jessica williams, Mordechai S. Rubinstein}

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Yes yes, can’t wait!

Amanda Nicole

I’m so glad to hear about the Urban Outfitters and The Impossible Project Collaberation. I bought a Polaroid SX 70 a few months ago and then learned that the film was being discontinued. Thanks for the update. 🙂

vicki (simply hue)
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