Using Postcards to Grow your Biz + Giveaway

You’re a smart cookie. So I know you already have business cards for in-person events and networking purposes (or you at least know you need to get them). But what else can you do to stand out in a crowd?

How about postcards!

When I was at Alt  in January, I collected A LOT of business cards. They were well designed and fit pretty easily in my purse, but after I photographed the ones I loved and saved a few for reference, I didn’t have much use for them. BUT postcards are different. As least, they can be.

They are bigger than business cards, of course, so you can fit more information on them. And better yet- you can make them useful, something that the person you give it to is going to want to keep around.

That’s why I recently designed a set of my own. Here’s the story…

I’ve had this idea for print postcards for a couple of months now. I wanted to showcase some of my tutorials (from start to finish) in photos. That way when people received one of my postcards, they would keep it around if they were interested in making a similar project. And if they were interested in making a similar project, than they probably enjoy creating things with their hands. And if they love making things with their hands, they probably appreciate handmade goods from others too. And if they appreciate handmade goods from other makers, than they probably want to buy handmade goods as well. See where I am going with this one?

Convincing my target market to hang on to my promo materials with one easy postcard.

And if I want to get really fancy, I could include a little box of the materials they would need to complete the project on the postcard.

So I teamed up with PrintRunner to make my DIY postcard idea happen, and wanted to share my results. But I don’t want you to walk away empty-handed either, so we put together a giveaway for you too! Details below…

PrintRunner is generously giving away a set of custom postcards to a very lucky winner.

Here are the giveaway details”¦

**UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed and the winner has be chosen. Congrats to Sarah Snyder for winning a set of postcards from PrintRunner!

Whats up for grabs? One winner will be chosen to win a set of 100 postcards for free (with free shipping as well). Here are the details in terms of options for the winner: Size 5×7 / Colors 4/0 Front Only Printing / Paper 14 PT. UV Coating on Front / Rounded Corners Allowed / Ready to Ship In 4 Business Days / *Standard shipping Fee is for free. Expedited shipping will be shouldered by the winner / *Prize Substitution is not allowed

Giveaway open to US residents only (ages 18 years old and above). *Winner/s must not have won the exact same print giveaway from PrintRunner in the past 6 months.

How to enter”¦

Just leave a comment below explaining (briefly) what you might use your postcards for if you win OR how you would design your own set. The winner will be chosen on July 10th at 11:59pm  and announced here on this post by the following day. Bonus entries for giveaway tweets (up to three) – just make sure to include @papernstitch and @PrintRunner in your tweet(s).

Good luck!


Disclosure: I was compensated by the advertiser for this editorial feature. All opinions, photos, and ideas, however, are my own.

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I love using postcards to showcase my art…and i send them as an extra gift to my customers! I would love to try out the Print Runner brand! What a great giveaway…so useful! 🙂

Casey Virata

I would use the postcards to promote an event for my Fin Forward charity. We specialize in shark dives and marine encounters for cancer survivors. Just in time for summer:)

Brandon Bethea

Another great idea from @papernstitch: Using Postcards to Grow your Biz + Giveaway

(@CWBusiness) (@CWBusiness)

Using Postcards to Grow your Biz + Giveaway via @sharethis

(@MixedKreations) (@MixedKreations)

I would use the postcards to promote urban atavism or a return to animal instincts. Each card would have a picture of a wolf’s head captioned with the words “Werewolf Revival”.

Hope to win!

Theron Willis

I would love to have a set! I would put my photography on them and hand them out when someone asks about our work!

Tina Fussell

for vacation pictures.

Shannon Baas

Oooh, @papernstitch is having a postcard giveaway! Enter to win a set of 100 postcards:

(@EtsyNY) (@EtsyNY)

I would use them to advertise my etsy site.

Carolyn Baker

*fingers crossed* Entry submitted’ RT @tiffzippy: Using Postcards to Grow your Biz + Giveaway via @papernstitch and…

Leah Arnold-Smeets (@Mom_trepreneur)

RT @tiffzippy: Using Postcards to Grow your Biz + Giveaway via @papernstitch and @PrintRunner Postcard giveaway!

Leah Arnold-Smeets (@Mom_trepreneur)

This is a fabulous giveaway and incentive! I love how you used social media marketing to get the word out and, potentially, gain TONS of new fans, followers, and clients! Way to go! I am in the business of small business consulting with a heavy concentration on social media & operations… so, when I saw a mutual follower’s tweet (@blah_cubed) and the words “postcard giveaway” I immediately clicked on the tweet to check it out. If I were to win the postcards, I’d use them in a direct mail campaign to target stay-at-home moms & wives looking to create businesses out of their hobbies, passions, or ideas. I know the feeling of wanting to be a mom but also wanting to do something constructive that I loved and that brought in some cash. So, I started my own business and have never been happier!!! 🙂 I want to inspire women to do the same… Follow their dreams and bring their passions to fruition. If I don’t win, I’m still going to promote the heck outta your products because I’m a big fan of what you do!

Leah Arnold-Smeets

the size of the postcards really lend themselves to a variety of things, folding in half for a 3.5 x 5 card or bookmark holder.


RT @tiffzippy: Using Postcards to Grow your Biz + Giveaway via @papernstitch and @PrintRunner Postcard giveaway!

Tiffany C Harrison (@blah_cubed)

I recently created postcards for my business too! I have a few inspirational phrases I use on my blog and put them on cards along with some other fun info. Love them! And your cards are so beautiful. Great idea!


Using Postcards to Grow your Biz + Giveaway via @papernstitch and @PrintRunner Postcard giveaway!

Tiffany B. (@tiffzippy)

I was thinking of using these postcards as “save the dates” 🙂


I would use the postcards to target local vendors. I create wedding paper goods and I just recently started marketing to local wedding planners. A postcard would make a create addition to my marketing efforts.

Tiffany B.

Ooh fun! I would totally use these for some awesome free tips for my artist clients. I love being able to give them a little value for no cost. And this would be a great way for the tips to stick around with them, instead of just saying them and then a day later “What was it that Laura told me yesterday about pricing my art?” This would be so wonderful!!


I love this idea and would use them to promote my etsy shop! 🙂 I would make them with a shabby bohemjan feel.

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