Shop of the Day: I must confess, over the last week I have purchased three pairs of shoes (they were all very inexpensive- but still). I practically live in slip ons, but I am attempting to expand my horizons a bit (like slip ons with straps). So since I am in a sort of shoe craze this week, it is fitting that I feature the work of Anda Corrie, who runs two shops: Stops and Starts and Booster Seat … together they are  Utopiapedia (on papernstitch).


Stops and Starts creates the most adorable hand-embroidered and hand-appliqued shoes. The actual shoes are pre-made, but the all the details Anda puts into them makes these shoes so special. And they are adult sizes! As soon as there are some size eights in Anda’s shop, I am grabbing at least one pair. These are my favorites: one and two. And of course, there are plenty of other goodies to be found: hand-appliqued clothing and accessories.


And Booster Seat is Anda’s fabric shop that features her original designs. And did I mention she works for etsy? This girl is a dream! For more from Anda Corrie, visit Stops and Starts and Booster Seat.


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i love those too kim. too bad i can’t cram my giant foot in to them. 🙂


thanks! i got my tv eye on the sweet 6.5 swans1 love these slippers!!!

kim baise

uh oh…its on lesley! 🙂


ha! i’ve been thinking the same, we’ll have to fight over those size 8s 🙂 love this shop, great stuff!

lesley [smidgebox designs]
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