Finding Inspiration While on Vacation

By Brittni • Updated on 05/26/2014

Need inspiration? Go on vacation.

I had such an amazing trip this last week, and now that I’m headed back home (and back to reality), I’m realizing more and more that this vacation was exactly what I needed. The timing couldn’t have been better – I had just finished up some huge projects (one in particular that I can’t share yet, but am super excited about), was starting to feel completely drained (creatively speaking), and I turned 30.

This trip was filled with inspiration…and ice cream…AND ice cream sandwiches.

I’m feeling full of energy and new ideas, that I hope to start implementing asap. It’s kind of amazing what starts running through your mind when you allow yourself to just unplug for a day…or recharge for a week.

It has reminded me that travel is really important for me, both personally and professionally. The time away from my normal day to day environment has made me think about things in a totally different way. And has resulted in countless emails to myself (yes, I email myself usually instead of just adding ideas to my notes app) with ideas for DIYs, workshops, online classes, etc.

I even created a new Pinterest board called Vacation Inspiration to keep the travel spark going and help me catalog all the new places I want to go (and the places I’ve already been). You can follow that board right here, if you’re interested.

So…now that I’ve gushed about this trip for way too long, I’m curious to know what kinds of things fuel your creative fire?

Is it a trip to a place you’ve never been? A long walk around your neighborhood? An afternoon coffee with your best friend? I’d love to hear about in the comments below.

P.S. I took a ton of photos while in USVI and will be sharing them soon. There are some photos posted on Insta already, if you want to take a looksie.

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Totally with you on this. I think that’s one of my favourite things about travelling and going away on vacation (apart from experience other cultures of course) is the chance to unwind and reinvigorate yourself. What a great idea for a Pinterest board!


Thank you!


Super cute blog post!!! <3


Totally! Right there with your, Lisa. I feel like my head is spinning with all of the things I want to move forward with now. Makes me want to get away more often, for sure.


I totally feel the same way! I just returned from a big trip too, and my brain is tickled happy with inspiration and ideas. Just going for a walk will do the trick for me too, especially if it ends up at a book or music store. 🙂


Yay! Glad this post inspired you today, Harriet. Every time I travel, I remind myself that I need to do more of this (getaways and that kind of thing), but it can be so hard to pull away from work sometimes. Glad I was able to do it this time.


I totally agree! Even thinking about travelling makes me feel more creative x


Definitely agree with you, Mo. Just stepping away from technology for a few hours can be super helpful.


I find that unplugging is the best thing I can do for my creative soul. Staying away from my inbox, setting my phone far away from me for a few hours, taking time away from the computer…it puts me back in touch with the natural world around me and inspires me to create with my hands, paint, ink, wood, paper, etc. I love it!

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