My Heart is Yours Tea Towel from Leanne Graeff


With the Valentine’s Day less than a month away,  I have been thinking about reds and pinks (and hearts) a lot lately. So, when I saw this tea towel from Leanne Graeff, I instantly fell in love. She always comes up with the most original designs for her tea towels. I am going to have to break down and buy one of these pretty soon. It seems that I am always gravitating towards them for some reason. I keep thinking it would be really neat to wrap up a significant other’s V-Day present in one of these, as an alternative to wrapping paper. Then its like a double gift, because they will have the tea towel to re-use as well.

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Too cute! Although Mr. Unreliable would take it as a hint to do the washing up more often….actually, that’s perfect! Sold!


It’s too early to think about Valentine’s Day isn’t it? I am still not over Christmas. Those teatowels are cute though.

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