View from your Perch!

Top left to right. Campy Planter and Apron Vase. Bottom left to right. Vessel Beak and Hobknob Cups

For my birthday a couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous and simple vase from Perch. Before that day, Perch was not a brand that I was familiar with, but since then I have really been keeping up with it. And have even purchased another, smaller vase to go with my b-day gift.

Anyway, I was thrilled to see that Perch has recently come out with some more colorful options, which are just incredible. Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn by Amy Adams. Hooked? Me too. Click here to browse the Perch collection online that is available for purchase.

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very nice. i am not familiar with perch, but i will certainly check it out now. thanks for the post.

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