Vintage Lovers Heart Raydel Photography

I’ve been collecting quirky vintage figurines for years, much to my husband’s dismay. And while most of my collection is not out on display, I pull them out every once in a while – whenever I need a little pick me up. But now that I’ve found Raydel Photography, a vintage-style photography shop by self-taught artist Raydel Shanks, I am not sure I need to do that anymore.

I could just hang a few photographs from Raydel’s vintage item series, then I could stare at cool collectibles all day long, without having to pull out a box from under the bed. The angles and compositions in her photographs bring these inanimate objects to life. They almost feel real. Posing for the camera.

Visit Raydel Photography on etsy and the Raydel Shanks Photography website for more.

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These figures are gorgeous and so adorable. And your are right about the pictures, they seem like they are almost making the figures come alive 🙂


Glad you like ’em Sage. Thanks fro stopping by and leaving a comment.


Love these photos! They really make the pieces look collectible.

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