Vintage Trinkets from I’m So Vintage

We’ve got vintage pieces scattered all over our home, much to my husband’s dismay. And, as most hoarders collectors are, I am always on the look out for that next piece. Well, I happy to report that I’ve found another great source to keep on hand for my retro wares obsession: I’m So Vintage.

Visit I’m So Vintage on etsy to view more vintage items (18 pages worth to be exact).

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Hi Katy. Welcome to the blog. Thanks for stopping by. I bet you do have some wonderful holidays with a mom like yours.


love having a mom with a lovely shop full of vintage goodies… makes for very exciting holidays, when i gleefully get to open packages filled with such treasures!

~ katy … aka, the daughter of imsovintage 😉


You’re welcome Laura. I know I’ll definitely keep checking in to see what you’ve got.


Thanks so much Brittni. I am so honored. I add new items everyday, so it is always a good idea to keep checking in.


I have thing for typewriters too Cari. And Van- there’s no time like the present on getting those items listed. 🙂


Ah, the typewriter, my kingdom for a typewriter!

cari-jane hakes

I need to get super busy listing my items on Etsy as well, got quite a few boxes worth that need to go ASAP…

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