Wall Art Made Easy with Photographer Bonnie Jones

I am a BIG photography fan.

I’ve been collecting prints from photographers from around the world for the last few years and its definitely addictive. BUT there is one major downside- at least for a gal like me: FRAMING!

Yeah, its kind of inconvenient to get photos (and any paper pieces for that matter) framed, especially for me because I am cray-cray and like to get all of my frames from the same place, which just so happens to be a two and half hour car ride. So, not exactly easy.

BUT that is one (of many) reason why I absolutely love these photo blocks from Washington-based photographer, Bonnie Jones.

Each limited edition photo block is ready to hang! No framing required. I LOVE THAT!

So, I did some snooping around Bonnie’s etsy shop and wanted to share a few of my favorites…

20% Discount! ReceiveĀ 20% off at Bonnie Jones on Etsy with “papernstitch3” coupon code now through September 4th. Enjoy!

Visit Bonnie Jones on Etsy now to browse her collection of photographic prints and take advantage of that 20% discount.

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my pleasure bonnie.


I missed this post! A late thank you, Brittni!


ooooooh love them!



Glad you enjoyed Bonnie’s work Meg, Cassie, and Naomi. šŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!


The prints are lovely and the frames/blocks are neatly done!


her prints are really neat. I’ll have to jaunt over to her site! >>>Cassie


What a clever idea! I’m going to take a look at Bonnie’s shop now.

Naomi Bulger
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