Wanna come to my garden party?

I am not exactly a model hostess. I always forget to ask guests that visit if I can get them a drink and that kind of stuff.

BUT I would consider throwing a garden party, bad hostess and all, if it meant I could wear one of these dresses from Mrs. Pomeranz. Dasha, the designer behind the brand, has such a great eye for flirty, feminine styling. And the fit looks absolutely perfect. Here’s a little more info about the new collection

There is nothing like spring and summer – nothing like that overwhelming feeling of life everywhere; the wind that is blowing gently is warm and fragrant, and the smells of freshly cut grass and gardens and even rain are magical and heady. There is hardly anything that makes women look better than spring – it comes with falling in love that brings the color to the face and sparkles in the eyes, and it comes with flowers. The idea of that feeling – being feminine and a little bit light-headed, being a little bit dreamy and charming, being fresh and in love – is the ground on which the collection “Garden Party Dress” by Mrs. Pomeranz stands on. 

So what do you say… Will you come to my garden party? I already have a dress picked out. 🙂

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Garden party? Yes! Cute dresses? Yes! Win-Win all the way around, I’d say 🙂

Marlo M.



I am afraid to look at the price(all gorgeous dresses will cost ya), but I think they are lovely. I’ve never sported knee-length dresses before, but these sure are tempting!

Vanessa from LA

Who cares about the dresses, You can count on me to come to your party girl.

Mr. Mozly

These are really gorgeous dresses, perfect for a Sunday event of just going out on spring day. How much are they when purchase and what sizes does it come to? Glad that you’ve shared it. Thanks!


Janet Simpson

Ahh now i want to go buy a summery dress!

Danielle Hardy

Oh, they are adorable! RT:@papernstitch: if you are a dress kind of girl, check this shop out http://t.co/FRgTudVj

(@AgneGon) (@AgneGon)

if you are a dress kind of girl, check this shop out http://t.co/pJO7T7DT

(@papernstitch) (@papernstitch)

Wanna come to my garden party?: I am not exactly a model hostess. I always forget to ask… http://t.co/YpyLWTBr

(@papernstitch) (@papernstitch)
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