Wayfarer glasses for your apple?

Can you keep a secret?

Here it is…. I spend a lot of time on my computer. Big shocker, right? Ha!

During “normal” work hours, I work in my office on my desktop. And at night, I take my office on the road (read: to the couch or dining room table) and use my laptop.

Did I just describe your working scenario? If you’re on the computer as much as I am, visit MacStickrs for a little fun. You can put little decals (like Wayfarer glasses) on your laptop’s Apple logo, assuming you have a Mac – and I am about 92% sure that you do.

Check out this clever video from Aleksandr to see how they look…

Side Note: I love it when shops create videos for their products.  It makes so much sense for your customers  because they can see the product in a more three-dimensional way than a photograph. 

Receive 15% off the already super affordable prices at MacStickrs with the code ILOVEMACSTICKRS at the checkout.

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Thank you very much for this post 😉 I really appreciate it !

Aleksandr Karev

Funny! I will surely check this to see what MacStickrs can offer us. Thanks for sharing this video with us and i’m looking forward on your next post!


i would love this! this is also a perfect gift idea


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