Wayfarer glasses for your apple?

Can you keep a secret?

Here it is…. I spend a lot of time on my computer. Big shocker, right? Ha!

During “normal” work hours, I work in my office on my desktop. And at night, I take my office on the road (read: to the couch or dining room table) and use my laptop.

Did I just describe your working scenario? If you’re on the computer as much as I am, visit MacStickrs for a little fun. You can put little decals (like Wayfarer glasses) on your laptop’s Apple logo, assuming you have a Mac – and I am about 92% sure that you do.

Check out this clever video from Aleksandr to see how they look…

Side Note: I love it when shops create videos for their products. It makes so much sense for your customers  because they can see the product in a more three-dimensional way than a photograph. 

Receive 15% off the already super affordable prices at MacStickrs with the code ILOVEMACSTICKRS at the checkout.

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i would love this! this is also a perfect gift idea



Funny! I will surely check this to see what MacStickrs can offer us. Thanks for sharing this video with us and i’m looking forward on your next post!


Thank you very much for this post 😉 I really appreciate it !

Aleksandr Karev
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