Wear This: Casual Chambray for your Thursday

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

little denim dress

Today’s outfit is one that I would wear when I’m working, but still want to look semi put together. Remember it peeking into a few photos from yesterday’s post? It’s casual but not TOO casual. And super comfortable.

So when I’m running around putting projects together, styling things, or taking photos, this is my go-to outfit. Mostly because I’m constantly popping in and out of Hobby Lobby when I’m in the middle of a project. And hey, I don’t need every person I encounter to know that on any given day at home, I most likely haven’t brushed my hair.

chambray. chambray.

Clutch by Slide Sideways

denim dance break

salmon clutch from slide sideways

denim dress

Photography by Sarah Eddy

I feel like this would be a good travel outfit too because it’s loose-fitting and comfortable, without being a baggy sweatshirt. So, I’m definitely bringing it with me next week when I’m in Palm Springs for Meet/Make/Do.

Chambray Dress // BDG

Necklace // Kate Miss

Shoes // Need Supply

Clutch // Slide Sideways

What does your go-to outfit look like? The one that you wear on casual (but semi-professional) days?

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Love the chambray dress!


Kathleen @ Nikita and Vesper

Oh I love Slide Sideways! They have the best prints. What a cute, easy look!

Becca | Ladyface Blog


Love the dress. Cute post dear..



janika R

So pretty!


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Super cute dress! 🙂



Adorable! I don’t own really any casual dresses, but this makes me wish I did! My go-to right now has been jeans, a button down and a sweater, plus some sort of ridiculously large necklace.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

I saw you wearing this in your post yesterday and was going to ask where you got it? I love it- perfect to go out and about, but comfy and chic. Looks great on you.


Such a simple but lovely outfit. I love the necklace!


Sooooo cute!

krisi at krisimiller.com

Thanks Juni. 🙂


super cute!

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