Wear This: Colorful Neutrals


Confession time…I have had the same purse for the last three years. Maybe more. In that time frame, I have been gifted one other bag, but it doesn’t have any compartments, so I don’t use it all that often. So, I’m thinking it’s time for a new bag.

I only have a couple of rules when it comes to buying a new one. Rule # 1: I have to be able to use it all year long (that means EVERY season). Rule #2: Considering how long I tend to keep a purse, it has to be good quality so that it will hold up through many (and I do mean MANY) uses. I don’t mind spending more money on something that I’m going to use all the time. I’ll just save up for a while before I buy. And rule #3: It absolutely, without a doubt, cannot be black or brown. I’m tried of those traditional neutrals and I want something different. Something with more color….but it still has to be kind of neutral, since I plan to use this bag everyday.

So, I rounded up eleven non-traditional neutrals (i.e. colorful) from Proenza Schouler, that are perfect for year round use, to get some inspiration. I snuck a couple of accessories in their too, so they’re not all bags, just FYI. This is what I’m dreaming of at the moment…


1. tote in chianti // 2. flap front bag in saffron // 3. medium flap front bag in midnight // 4. keep all in mustard // 5. tote in military

more colorful neutral bags

6. credit card case in purple rain // 7. flap front bag in piglet // 8. clutch in pinot noir // 9. continental wallet in lagoon // 10. wallet purse in saffron // 11. pouch bag in midnight

One, two, and six are on my wishlist. What about you? Are you over black and brown bags? And would you sport one of these eleven colorful options with your day to day wardrobe?

P.S. After I put this roundup together, I realized that almost every color I picked reminds me of my trip to California last week. There were lots of greens and deep red/burgundy colors in the trees and an orangey-wheat color in the meadows when we spent the day walking around Yosemite. And the next day, rafting, there were all these colorful reflections in the clear waters and blues in the rapids. Clearly, this trip will be with me for a while if I’m subconsciously picking bag colors from it. Ha!

This post is brought to you by Proenza Schouler. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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Those bags are gorgeous! I’m in love with the first two. One bag!? That’s crazy talk. That being said, I probably have 50 and most of them just sit there looking pretty on a shelf. Who can be bothered to take everything out of one and put it in another every day.


Travel is my absolute favorite source of inspiration – and I can totally see Yosemite in the bags 🙂


I love my orange purse — it goes with nearly everything! My evergreen flats are the same way 🙂


Bless you for posting this! I’ve been lugging around my sad little H&M black purse around for eons and it’s looking pretty haggard. Time for a colorful update!


I love #2! So beautiful….


I love them all! But especially the more industrial/military inspired ones with straps and buckles. I am the same: I need a bag that will last me all year and go with everything, since I rarely change purses. I don’t usually go with pinks or pastels…but number 7 is calling to me… 🙂


Loving 1 & 2! The military color would be a great neutral though!


Agreed. Black and brown have their purpose as well, but they’re just not as fun. I love dark green as a colorful neutral option, Alicia. Good choice!


I have a dark green bag that I love that goes with everything! While black and brown have a purpose, I have tried to be a little more adventurous with my color selections in bags.

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