I’ve been making these vegetarian quesadillas for my family a lot lately, and they only take a handful of ingredients. Plus, it’s a nice (and tasty) way to clean out the pantry / fridge.

- flour tortilla - shredded cheese - onion - jalapeño - black beans - sour cream - lettuce - salsa


Heat a medium to large size pan on medium high heat with a little bit of cooking spray (or a tiny bit of oil).

Then, toss your tortilla into the pan. I use these organic flour tortillas that need to be cooked on each side for 15-30 seconds.

If you're using regular tortillas, put a tortilla in the pan and then flip it over after 10-15 seconds, just to heat it up on both sides and start getting a little bit of crispiness.

Working quickly, add your shredded cheese, directly onto one side of the tortilla in the pan. Only fill one side of the tortilla with cheese because eventually, you'll be flipping the other half on top to make a half moon shape.

Next, add your black beans.

Then, add minced onion and jalapeño evenly on top of the cheese. Add a sprinkle more of shredded cheese if desired.

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