I decided to share a quick tutorial because it is probably the most affordable DIY curtain rod you could possibly have. At under $10 it’s even cheaper than the crappiest version you could buy at a discount store.

- wooden dowel rod - leather scraps - super fine sandpaper - level - hammer and 2 nails - scissors or sharp blade - clear coat (optional)


Choose a dowel rod that is slightly longer than your window. For example, the window in the photo example is 40 inches and I used a 48 inch dowel rod.

Sand the dowel rod using a super fine sandpaper to make sure the dowel is as smooth as possible, so the curtain can glide over the rod as easily as possible.

Add a clear coat with a paint brush or rag (if desired). Personally, I skipped the clear coat.

Cut the leather strips into two equal pieces – you want each piece to wrap fully around the dowel PLUS at least two extra inches on each end.

So, for example, if your leather wraps around the dowel rod in 3 inches, then you’d add 2 inches additional inches on each end, for a total of 7 inches for each strap.

Measure where you want the leather straps to be nailed into the wall. Keep in mind that the straps will be nailed in higher than where the curtain itself will rest.

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