I recently made some clay bowls in a neutral check pattern to play around with the check print trend in home decor. And I put together a detailed tutorial for the whole thing.

– Sculpey Soufflé clay – Sculpey clay roller – Sculpey clay tool starter set – Bowls of varying sizes – Small ruler – Sculpey Tools metal square clay cutters

Supplies to Make CHECK PRINT BOWLS

Start by picking two contrasting colors to use for the check pattern of your clay bowls. I tried latte and ivory for a slightly bigger bowl.

How to Make Check Print Clay Bowls

Open the packaging on each Soufflé clay color and use the largest metal square clay cutter to cut on the indented lines of the clay.

Once you have the clay cut for each color, you can start putting them together in an alternating pattern. I like to do three lines of clay at a time.

Repeat this process, alternating the colors again, so you have the opposite color way in the next one. So for example, in the first set, I had ivory, latte, and then ivory again. So for this next set, I will have latte, ivory, then latte again.

Once you’ve created several sets of each color, you can start cutting. Use the square cutter to cut off the very end of the clay, if it’s uneven on the sides, so that you have a straight edge.

When you have a large enough sheet of the check pattern, lightly press them together and then roll it out with the clay roller so that all the pieces stick together and form one large sheet.

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