I’m sharing a huge set of clay ornaments that I think fit into that category perfectly: DIY mushroom ornaments!

– air dry clay – jump rings – fine tipped paint brush – simple carving tool – acrylic paints – matte varnish

Supplies to Make a clay mushroom ornaments

To make clay mushroom ornaments like mine, start by kneading a small bit of clay and rolling it into a sphere.

step 1

From there, flatten it a bit and press into the center of the round clay shape with your thumbs while shaping and flattening the edges with your fingers.

step 2

Once you have your cap shaped out, turn it over and add lines on the underside with whatever you have (I used a paper awl and the end of a paint brush) to create indentions.

step 3

You can do this by making imprints with the side of a paper awl or a paint brush, like I did. OR you can scrape the lines in instead with a pointy object. Whatever you prefer.

step 4

Just make sure that you leave a flat area in the middle of each cast so that the stems will have a good flat place to attach to when you start gluing the pieces together later.

step 5

Press a jump ring into the top of the mushroom cap, right in the center. Don’t poke it all the way in – you’ll want about half of the jump ring exposed.

step 6

Swipe up for full tutorial!