I had a few handhold brooms that I’ve had on heavy rotation for small messes. And I started thinking – if they’re going to be out all the time, I might as well make them look better. So I dyed them!

- hand held mini broom - RIT dye liquid - bucket or container that can be     used for dyeing


Start by following the instructions on the packaging of the dye bottle and combining hot water and the dye into a container.

I used an old plastic mini trash can…the ideal container is something tall and skinny. Stir dye mixture until fully mixed.

Submerge part of the broom into the dye. Keeping it in the dye bath until you’ve reached the desired color, which could take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours.

Remove from dye bath and rinse broom. Then let it air dry before using.

Take it further… You can also add a small leather strap like mine if desired.

I used a leather strap that was about 7 inches long, punched a hole on each end and grommeted the ends together after putting it around the handle.

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