DIY art is literally one of my absolute favorite things to share here (and make). And today, I’m sharing six easy art ideas you can create at home that you’ll actually want to hang.

But the best part about all of this art is that every wall art idea here takes less than an hour to make, and each one costs less than $20!

I always keep leftover canvas and other fabric scraps from projects to reuse for the next one. But if you need to purchase everything for this, you’d still come in under $10.

DIY Art Idea #1: Canvas Scraps Collage

If you buy the book Abode, take the book jacket off, and flip it over, you have a piece of art that you can frame! No creating required. And it’s such a cool piece to have framed.

DIY Art Idea #2: Hidden Gem Book Jacket Art

Anything can be turned into a piece of DIY art with a simple phrase and a little paint. That’s what happened with this Super Duper painting. This DIY art idea feels pretty self explanatory.

DIY Art Idea #3: Super Duper Paint on Paper

Want to make something a little outside of the typical 2D box when it comes to art? Try making a tiny weave.

DIY Art Idea #4: Mini Mounted Weaving

I like canvas for this better than paper because it creates more texture and, overall has a more unique look when it’s finished. That said, if you want to use paper instead, go for it!

DIY Art Idea #5: Doodle with Oil Pastels

I’ve shared something similar in the past, but I didn’t want to leave this idea out because it’s so easy! The glass or plexiglass in your frame should really help to keep your textile smooth when framing.

DIY Art Idea #6: Cool Textiles

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