It’s a really easy project that doesn’t require much DIY skill or even a sewing machine! It’s hand stitched and only takes about an hour to make. Yay!

- embroidery thread - embroidery needle - 2×3 woven rug - polyfill - pencil or tailors chalk   - thread that matches color of rug


Start by hand sewing a blanket stitch along each side of the folded rug.

Fold the rug in half and blanket stitch each of the two sides with embroidery thread.

To create a blanket stitch, thread your needle from the inside of the rug, about 1/4" from the edge. Loop over and thread your needle through the same spot. Then, thread the needle through the loop and pull.

Thread your needle into the next spot and pull. There should be a diagonal stitch. Loop your needle under the stitch and pull to create a ‘bar’ above the 2 stitches.

Now that two of the sides are closed up, you can stuff the inside with polyfil (or something similar; you could use fabric scraps, for example, as an alternative).

Stuff the DIY cat bed with polyfil.

Using a basic stitch and a regular needle with a thread that matches the color of the rug, sew the tasseled end of the rug closed.

Next, sew the tasseled end of the rug.

Start tufting the cushion by finding the center. Mark your X with a pencil or tailor's chalk on both sides, and thread your needle with embroidery thread at the top point of the X.

Sew colorful Xs to tuft the cushion.

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