Create an upholstered DIY headboard that makes a statement, for under $200!

– MDF sheets – upholstery foam – spray adhesive – wood glue – furniture anchors – string

Supplies to Make a half circle headboards

Start by lining up all four MDF panels (or whatever number of pieces you decided to go with) so they all touch.

step 1 

Next, using a measuring tape, find the bottom center. Then, using either a hammer and nail to mark that spot or a very strong piece of tape, attach a long string.

Now that you have the headboard mapped out, you can cut the individual MDF pieces with a jigsaw, following the lines you just created.

step 2

Once all the pieces are cut, line them up again to make sure all the edges flow smoothly to the next panel. If so, you can move on to the next step. If not, make the adjustments needed and recut.

After cutting the panels into shape, you will have some scrap pieces leftover. Don’t throw those away! You can use them.

step 3

Cut the scrap pieces into long strips 2-3 inches wide, and as long as you can get them. These will be used as supports to connect the panels together and make the pieces solid / strong.

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